Tax Services

Government’s tax law has two important guiding principle such as Fairness and Neutrality. Fairness typically requires that taxpayers in similar situation pay similar amount of tax, Neutrality on the other hand tax laws should not change the business decision that a tax payer would make in the absence tax law

we recognize the importance of tax optimization is primary goal of individual and businesses, tax planning and preparation with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your refund is our primary goal. Our firm will prepare your tax return at a very competitive price.

We serve all type of clients, whether you want to prepare your tax at our local office or through web-based technologies (email, portal, cloud, etc.). The tax return is prepared by a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants and U.S Certified Public Accountants.

Tax Compliances

Proper handling and maintaining of all tax compliances as applicable from time to time is a very important task for individual and business. This needs to be handled by professional tax advisors to avoid any surprises notices from tax authority in future. We will make sure to manage all applicable tax compliances timely and accurately.

We provide both Canadian and U.S. Federal and State tax compliance services. We also provide cross border tax compliance services for individual and business who are living, working or doing business across Canada and U.S.

CRA / IRS Tax Notices: Just send or bring it to us – we will review, research and respond to the tax authority.

Tax Audit Representation: We will be available through out the year to represent you in the event of an audit.